Working Days +1 Function


I am building a report for our KPI’s to calculate the number of working days it takes to complete an ASB case, but I need to count each individual date as one day. For example, if the case was reported on Monday 1st and completed on Friday 5th we would count this as 5 working days to complete. The current working days functions in the system count this as 4 working days.

Is there another function I can use that would calculate the days as I need or do I need to create another composite to add 1 day onto the working days?


Hi Paul,

Give me a few minutes and I’ll come back with a suggestion for you. Welcome to the Forum. MP

Actually working day + 1 is the way I would go to be honest.


Just to elaborate a little, pretty much any option around your issue will probably involve another composite anyway. There are potentially other ways to do it if your issue is more complicated than it appears, but your issue seems pretty straightforward. Get back to me if you need further help. MP