Workspaces-URL not loading

Is there a known issue with browser behaviour on the workspaces Liberty function?

Our external websites page refreshes with a successful logon bouncing back to the logon page minus credentials. Recognises an unsuccessful logon?!

The external website that the workspace points at launches successfully outside of the Liberty platform.

Any advice welcomed!

Hi there. Liberty Converse displays websites in an iFrame ((Inline Frame) A-frame that displays a website within a website). These sorts of issues (as you mention above) arise when the website you want to load within an iFrame does not support this. (To add, there is nothing Netcall can do to circumnavigate this setting. It is down to the website developers to allow this).

So in this instance, there is little we can do on this one using Workspaces. However, have you seen or heard of Quicklinks?

Quicklinks are available in Liberty Converse 5.5 and above and can be configured within your Supervisor Group Settings. Check out the Docs section at the top of this page and search Quick Links for full information.

But quickly (see what I did there), Quick Links enable you to provide an Agent with different web page links (or tabs, but again these work as iFrames, so best stick to links for the moment on this one).

Here is a Quick Link I have created to provide my Agent with a link to my CallMeBack page, so if need be, I can arrange a CallBack if I need to. I can customise these links to a particular Queue, Skill, Media and direction (rather than just a whole Group like you can do in Workspaces).

This is what an Agent would see:

When the Agent clicks on the link, it opens it up in a new tab for them.

Also, you can add loads of Quick Links to Interactions and based on the rules, each can be displayed or hidden as required.

Take a look and let me/us know if you need anything further.


Jonathan Redsell - Trainer