Wrapper examples?

Anyone have an example Wrapper they would like to share?

I’d like to develop a couple of them, but the documentation is a bit sparse.



Hi Randy,

My name is Mark and I’m a Platform Solution Developer here at MatsSoft. I’m here to help you. Could you please be a little more specific with what you are looking for and I’ll do what I can to help you out.

Regards - MP

Hi Randy

There is not a huge amount you can do with wrappers but I have attached a simple one. (Cannot upload, so split out below)

It goes around a link property and redirects after a set period of time. As you will see you cannot pass any parameters to a wrapper, so there is a bit of a kludge on the css classes to get a value through.

Caveat: This was written to prove a point so may not be 100% correct.


Main.js (needs to be present even though it doesn’t do anything)

/* Main server-side wrapper code */
return {
get_template_data: function() {
return {




<div class="col-sm-12 font-xs-3xl p-0 auto-redirect" v-html="mats.html_presenter"></div>

And the main piece is in frontend.js (although this is probably the piece you will have to write!)

/* frontend JS */
export default {
methods: {


mounted: function(){
if ((window.location.pathname.startsWith ("/b")) || (window.location.pathname.startsWith ("/c"))) {
return; // We don’t want to redirect in build studio or code studio
var delay = 30; // Default unless specified in CSS Class of fragment.
var t = this.$el.parentElement.classList;
for (var i =0; i < t.length; i++) {
if (t.item(i).startsWith(‘delay-’)) {
delay = parseInt (t.item(i).substring(6), 10);

  var l = this.$el.getElementsByTagName('a');
  if (l.length === 0) {
  	return;  // There is no link present
  var dest = l[0].getAttribute('href');

// console.log (“Redirection to " + dest + " in " + delay + " seconds”);
delay *= 1000; // Convert to milliseconds

  var v = window.location.href;
  setTimeout (function() {
  		window.location = dest;
  	}, delay);