WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor

Has anyone implemented a Rich Text editor as a presenter for a text multi line fragment, or as it’s own data type? I have a requirement for a user to add some basic formatting to the text in a description box such as adding headings, formatting bold/italic and inserting links.
I thought it might be something available on the appShare but I can’t see one that currently exists.

In Create there is a built in data type (although you may need to create one on a fresh system first) named “Text, multi-line formatted”. When used this will allow for the use of the formatted input presenter which uses a version of CK editor as an input method.

This presenter supports the use of formatting tools, imagery, tables, lists etc. and is customisable via the settings to give control over what types of functionality you want your front end to support.


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Perfect, I hadn’t found that. That’s great. Thank you for your direction.