How can I force log off when my Agents forget?


Does anybody know if there’s a way of automatically logging Agents out of Liberty when they forget and go home? I know this can be done by supervisors but can this be done any other way?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @SotonBill, This can only be done from within the (depending which version you are running) the Supervisor area (under V3 and SEMAP+) or in the Liberty Converse application - Management (V4+ and above). You can choose to log the agent out.

Now (again depending on your version) Liberty should automatically log the agent out once the session has ended, so in reality the if the agent has shut their PC down it should log them out, this is normally a setting in your Contact Centre Supervisor Settings - Advanced called “Automatically log out agents on exit:” and is on by default.

The issues only really arise if Liberty has not seen the connection terminate such as the agent just locks their PC and does not log out or the PC didn’t send a termination request to Liberty when shutting down (however that is only an issue if using a Browser rather than the installed app, as when the app terminates it will always send a termination request).

Hope this helps, but feel free to let us know if you need anything further on this or if you have any need to log agents out if they have forgotten.

Many thanks