Liberty Create With Microsoft Teams

Did you know you can integrate your Liberty Create with Microsoft Teams? Well you can!

We’ve got a guide here that tells you how to do just that.

Cases created within the Liberty Create low-code solution can be viewed and updated within your
channels in Microsoft Teams. The document guides you through the install and set-up process
for using Liberty Create with Microsoft Teams.

What a way to start your week!

Stay safe, cheers, Tony

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Thanks Tony, this is really interesting. When I search for the Liberty Create app within Teams, nothing comes up - is there some extra step required to make it visible on Teams instances, or is the app still awaiting release?

WOW, Tony this IS a great start to the week. I’ll give it a go setting it up. Thanks.

Egg on face time. Looks like I may have jumped the gun a bit on this one. Although is it showing up in our implementation of teams, it looks like it hasn’t percolated through to everybody yet. We expect it to be available in the next few days. If anybody spots it out in the wild please let me know.

In the meantime, have a read of the doc and see what’s coming!

Cheers, Tony

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Great stuff - look forward to seeing this in action.
Slight aside - do you have anything similar with Slack?

Hi Simon, we haven’t created anything specifically for Slack but if there was enough demand we’d certainly consider it. We did Teams due to a huge portion of our customer base seemly migrating to it since the lockdown. Maybe a Community poll is needed!

Hi, This is exciting, we use Microsoft Teams a lot as an organisation. Would there be a chance of using this integration and the video/meeting functionality of Teams to complete virtual meetings with customers?

Hi Sarah, that’s the exact use-case for the Video Widget. The Teams integration is more about collaboration currently but as soon as the video / telephony API’s within Teams come out of Beta we can extend our App to offer that as well :slight_smile: Should be loads of cool apps / features you’ll be able to build with them! Keep us updated with your ideas.

Looking forward to trying this out - is there any word yet on when the Teams app will be released?

Hi Andy, we’re waiting for Microsoft. All being well we should have got through the submission process successfully today. I’ll update this thread as soon as I know more. Richard


We’ve just had our Liberty Create app published in the MS Teams app store:

Would be great to hear any feedback on what you think and how you plan to utilise it!


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The tab integration works effortlessly and looks great, I’m really looking forward to deploying, just need to get my SSO working to make it seamless. I am having trouble with the connector side though - I can’t get Teams to present me with a Connector to configure - is this still stuck in MS sign-off at the moment?

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I’ve just contacted Microsoft! It was there and all working, we’ve got it setup at Netcall.
I’ll come back to you ASAP

Hi Andy,

You should now get the option to install the Connector, as well as the tab, when installing the Teams app.

Have a play and let me know if you have any other problems,


Managed to get this up and running and also applied a similar approach to a Slack webhook too.

just one question is how to generate a case URL from the API call for a link button.


The easiest way to create a link to the case will be to create a text based composite with full url to the case page with context record id.

If you need any support with that let me know and i’ll arrange a call with a builder.


Starting to get into the use of the Connector integration to post Cards to Teams channels now - really interesting and already certainly useful for many use cases. One further improvement that for me would really make this transformative is if the integration supported httpPOST actions on cards. This would enable all kinds of extremely cool stuff via generic web calls back to Create from the card, but it hinges on the Connector itself having the URL of the API call set as one of its ‘Actions URLs’ - right now we just get ‘URL is not allowed’ if we try to invoke a Create API call from a card.

I appreciate that the Liberty Create App as published on the MS Teams Catalog has to be generic and that the permitted Action URLs may need to be specific. What I’m wondering is, is there scope for a Netcall framework to help us all build application-specific Connectors which could each enable Action URLs to our Create apps? I’m hoping this might be as simple as letting people use the already-created Connector Configuration page as we create Connectors ourselves, but if not then even a set of instructions would be tremendously helpful.

Hi Andy,

Assuming you have the appropriate licencing with Microsoft it would be a case of creating a Teams app with a Connector with your specific requirements and sideloading it into your teams channels within your organisation.

We’d have to prepare the instructions to walk you through, based on the Create Connector we have published.

Please speak to your partner Account Manager who can look into getting this arranged for you.