Report on abandoned calls before they enter the queue

We have recently added a new call queue for a new system that has gone live. We have various options within the queue that will advise callers to go to our SSP or that we cannot help with this etc and we hope that some will hang up at this point as they have been given the info they need. Is there any way we can report on this to see how many users selected an option, listened to the info and abandoned the call before they entered the queue.

This would be really helpful to gage if the info we put on is actually useful and how many users actually selected the new option we have added?

Many Thanks

HI @Cat185. Within the Queue reporting no (short and simple) as all calls will be shown as abandoned. However, there are other ways to report this data.

  1. You can take a look at the Queue Time Analysis report.

This will allow you to see at what interval’s the caller hangs up, if you correspond these timers with your messaging timers then you will be able to report on which message was the reason for the hangup.

  1. Add your messages to the upfront Dialogue and use the Dialogue reports to show you your positive abandonments.

Using a Dialogue report, this will allow you to highlight the specific message without having to run other reports.

My personal preference is to try and provide pointers for people to use the required service when they call in, this way they don’t suddenly find out that they could of solved this before going through your call flow and then queue for an Agent.

Hope these two options help.

Many thanks.


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