Reporting on Ad-Hoc prompts

Within our “Customer Services” dialogue, we have created multiple ad-hoc message blocks with prompts that allow us to share an uploaded recorded message to either share with everyone or to target a certain queue.

Similarly to the one found here : Report on abandoned calls before they enter the queue

We would also like to be able to report on whether or not that information was useful (as well as trying to reduce call numbers) - but the main difference for myself, is that because we have multiple options, some of these recordings/prompts are already in “the queue”

Within a specific block, we have tried to mark the items we want to report on by “setting the outcome” - however this does not always produce the reporting results we were expecting.

Our structure is one where, from the main menu, you choose an option, the logic takes you to that chosen block. At the top of each block sits an ad-hoc message - when enabled, this is what we want to report on.

2 contextual examples :
We currently have a recorded message at the top of the process after the welcome message - this message was intended for everyone as it relates to the Election. We have produced a report, but because of previous issues, we are doubting ourselves about the accuracy of the report.

Recently we had to add a recorded message from our Cleansing Dept, we didn’t require everyone to hear this, only those calling for that purpose. The prompt was added a couple of blocks after the main menu. We wanted to be able to report on the positive abandoned calls, where the caller finds this information useful. The message would be heard and there would be a pause where the caller is offered the option to hang up before being offered the various cleansing options. Again we produced a report, but later established it was very much inaccurate due to some of the OOH timings showing on the report (this message should and would have only been heard within opening hours)

Apologies for the long message - trying to provide as much information as possible with the hope someone can assist us


Hi @andrew.moyes it may depend on the outcomes and where they sit within your Report Segments.

Take a look at those in the first instance. But if you are unsure, drop me a message and I will happily schedule a call with you to take a look and see what is what.

Many thanks.

Jonathan Redsell