Converse dialogues

On the time plan of a dialogue, if you select specific dates for it do something, does that overwrite the other choices? eg usually Monday to friday 08:00 till 16:00 go to introduction but then you add 26th to 30th November 00:00 23:59 go to a closed message. Would the 26th to 30th nov overwrite the ‘normal’ Monday to Friday one?

Hi @Angela great question.

Timeplan’s work as follows:

  • An open group of days (All Days) is overwritten by a Group of days (Weekdays Monday-Friday/Weekends Saturday-Sunday).

  • These are then overwritten by single days (Monday-Sunday)

  • These in turn are then overwritten by dates (Timeplan Exception lists such as Bank holidays, or dates using the date picker tool).

In the example in this image, I am open on Monday-Friday between 9-5 however on a Friday I want to close early (at 4pm) so I add in another rule for Friday only to start at 4pm to be closed. When the system looks at the day it will see which rule matches based on the time. So, when it gets to Friday it sees it has a specific day, but that rule does not start until 4pm so will do the group rule until 4pm when it will do the day rule.

Furthermore, come Good Friday, it will automatically follow the Bank Holiday rule as I have that data already setup in my Timeplan Date Exceptions.

I hope that helps explain how Timeplan’s work. Here are some other articles on Timeplan’s that you may find useful.

Let me know if you have any further questions.